When company wellness solutions aren’t forward-looking, filling the need, inspiring, and transforming the individual, they simply aren’t effective. In addition, if teachers aren’t emotionally invested, employees don’t feel fully supported and don’t engage. By contrast, Energized Enterprise (“EE”) offers the convenience of selecting from an array of customized services. These services allow employees to participate in what most motivates them, and in an environment of their choice. Furthermore, with EE’s personalized interviews and assessments, employees are able to discern their highest needs and desires. Most importantly, employees can view their baseline, gains, and achieved success!

In comparison with other wellness providers, Energized Enterprise (“EE”) classes, methods, and pros are pioneering the evolution of health and well-being from a mind-body-emotion-spirit level. In addition, EE provides in-person workplace services (either individualized or in a group setting), which allows employees the flexibility of choosing what feels right for them. EE pro’s are fully present in each session with passion, conviction, and commitment to the health and transformation of the employee. 

Because it works. Studies show that happier employees are more engaged and motivated, offer better customer service, team play more effectively, and make better leaders.

Yes, EE’s on-boarding process is so simple that we can launch your company’s health and well-being services in less than 30 days!

Consider the following:

  • In 2019, workplace stress was responsible for over $190 billion in annual healthcare costs (American Institute of Stress).
  • When employees who are at high risk for chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, their health care costs drop to the same level as low risk employees (Fortune Magazine).
  • In 2019, each dollar spent on corporate health and wellness programs resulted in an average healthcare cost savings of $3.27 and $2.73 in absenteeism related expenses (HealthAffairs.org).
  • Enrollment in health and well-being classes is often subsidized by health insurance.

Energized Enterprise doesn’t plug your company into a box or complex pricing structures. Instead, we offer an affordable and consistent semimonthly fee, based on a program customized for your unique needs, culture, and goals. To determine your customized program and semimonthly fee, please schedule a discovery phone call. Click here to Get Started!

Prior to the launch of your program, Energized Enterprise provides a dedicated account manager for your organization. To contact your account manager, simply text or call your account manager.

Invoices are delivered semimonthly on the 1st and 15th to the email address(es) specified by you in your company’s on-boarding process.


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