our glossary of terms

As defined by Energized Enterprise, breathwork is a variety of focused breathing techniques. In these techniques, the employee maintains conscious control of breathing patterns. As a result, this has a positive, therapeutic, and transformational effect on one’s mental, emotional-spiritual, and physical well-being. Subsequently, this lowers the automatic reactions to pain, conflict, anxiety, unexpected change, and other challenges.

Connection with self, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is a regular practice of tuning in to your own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Along with this, one is able to connect with intuition and a sense of worthiness and wholeness. This occurs, despite any unpleasant situation one is experiencing. As a result, one receives insights, understands concepts, and applies new skills to rise above the unpleasantness.

As defined by Energized Enterprise (“EE”), dharma is one’s purpose, one’s true calling in life. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to anyone else, and it’s not perceived through the mind. On the contrary, it’s a feeling from a deep inner wisdom. It guides and directs one to do that which follows truthfulness, non-injury, and generosity. Kathleen’s personal dharma is: Being a Happy Human. Because of this, Kathleen’s dharma for Energized Enterprise is: Creating Happy Healthy Humans ~ One Organization At A Time.

Emotional-Spiritual, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is the emotional responses one has to thoughts. In addition, it is the role emotions play in the connection between one’s self-image and one’s personal source of higher guidance. The latest science-based studies reveal that the Emotional-Spiritual plays a key role in Heart Intelligence. Subsequently, the stronger the emotion to heart connection, the stronger the connection with one’s personal source of higher guidance, peace, balance, and understanding.
As opposed to being “in the zone,” being in flow, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is the state of being fluid, able to shift and move with ease through change, conflict, or interruption. It involves having a strong sense of self, without being dependent on people or situations to control moment by moment decisions, actions, and experiences. It is the opposite of being rigid, controlled, on the edge, or walking on eggshells. Being in flow has a positive ripple effect on one’s actions, relationships, peace, stability, and happiness.

Heart Intelligence (HQ, IQ, also referred to as Brain and Heart Coherence), as defined by Energized Enterprise, is a higher state of energetic alignment arising when you integrate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence. Benefits include: decreased stress and enhanced performance, creativity, awareness, intuition, higher order thinking, resilience, vitality, inner peace, understanding, and feeling of wholeness and unity.

Your human heart has it’s own nervous system of approximately 40,000 neural cells, sending more information to your brain than your brain sends to your heart. It signals the synchronization of all the cells of your body, including your brain, and controls your blood-pressure, adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin (reducing fear and increasing eye-contact, trust, generosity, and calm.)

As defined by Energized Enterprise, Holistic refers to anything of a natural, spiritual, metaphysical, or energy nature. Wholistic refers to an array of services that encompasses a complete set of solutions, rather than partial or specialized. It also refers to the act of viewing, addressing, and improving the whole (body, company, planet), rather than individual symptoms and problems separately.
Rather than following diets, habits, routines, traditions, or teachings, intuitive eating involves a true connection between your self awareness and overall vitality. It integrates instinct, knowledge of nutrients and source of cravings, understanding the difference between emotional and biological cravings, and translating this understanding into best choices.  It uses mindfulness and prioritizes well-being awareness for your whole being.
Slightly different from being “in the Flow,” being In the Zone, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is the state of being in an effortless stream of mind creativity and productivity, so that your focus is easy, unbroken, without friction, and highly creative, harmonic, and satisfying. When on a task, you are on a roll, tapped in and tuned in to your higher stream of consciousness and can accomplish more and better than any amount of effort taken if you were out of the zone.

Transformation, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is a profound and positive change in your energy, appearance, sense of self, body, habits, mindset, emotional intelligence, ability, performance, and/or total well-being that can never be lost, only continue to improve and inspire you forward.

As defined by Energized Enterprise, complete and total health is not just the absence of disease, but rather a wholistic state of Well-Being, which enables you to experience fuller, more satisfying life. To attain a wholistic state of well-being, it is necessary to balance all dimensions of it, including physical, mental, environmental, vocational, social, emotional, and spiritual. When these dimensions are all balanced, they synergistically work together and improve every area of your life.

Unity, as defined by Energized Enterprise, is the understanding of universal oneness of man, creation, and the source of all creation. It strives for the good of all men, in diversity and interdependence, toward the same end, and in alignment with the creative purpose of the whole (whole body, family, organization, corporation, community, planet, universe).


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