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What is Energized Enterprise ~ Learn Why We Do What We Do!

Why We Do What We Do



In 2019, Kathleen Johnson founded Energized Enterprise with the belief that healthy work environments matter. As such, positive and passionate workplace cultures inspire positive employee/client relations. This improves personal well-being and perceived value. In turn, this benefits company profitability, products, services and, ultimately, their customers. 

Whether at a corporate office for your employees or your clients at an adult senior living, our wholistic array of services yields healthier, more energized employees/clients. As a result, employees/clients more sharply focus and more fully engage in achieving work and/or personal goals. And fully engaged employees/clients increase productivity and attendance. They are creative, “in flow” and “in the zone“. 

Our individual and group programs create emotional, energetic, and physical balance within the individual and company. Consequently, this leads to a presence of gratitude and unified momentum and spirit within the company.

Ethics, Values, Culture, Commitment

A Core Value of Energized Enterprise is: DO NO HARM to ourselves, our environment, our planet, and all living things. As such, our company supports and maintains an ethical culture. 

We strive to awaken individuals to their full potential. In this way, we build positive and energetic work environments. Energized Enterprise accomplishes this through our team, our mission and values, and our programs and policies. Each of our team members embraces connection with self and compassion for others. In this way, each maintains the integrity of our core value by living what we teach.

Our healthy, heart-centered well-being experts are passionate about our wholistic wellness solutions. In personally embracing these practices, we enthusiastically share the benefits and create happy healthy humans. Thereby, we commit to bringing companies of all sizes into a state of well-being.

What Is Energized Enterprise? Learn Why We Do What We Do!
Creating Happy Healthy Humans ~ One Organization At A Time