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Our Energized Team

Energized Enterprise is a team of skilled, caring, passionate, healthy, and heart-centered experts who have worked to facilitate new communications between the mind, emotion-spirit, and body that enable individuals at any age to feel and operate at their very best. Our team of pros come with extensive credentials, certifications, and successful client testimonials in the areas of integrative nutrition, fitness, vitality, mindfulness, energy clearing, substance recovery, productivity, mind-body-spirit balance, holistic healing, and behavioral management.

Our Team of Energized Enterprise Wellness Pros are:

  • Dedicated to and Experienced in Creating Happy Healthy Humans
  • Authentic and Passionate about Mind-Body-Spirit Well-Being
  • Healthy, Masterful, and Insured in their Areas of Expertise

How We Work

Our team consults with individuals and groups within companies to customize and implement programs that align with the individual’s assessment needs and desires and your company’s culture, goals, and vision. We assess, engage, educate, and inspire individuals and groups to make specific, small, and achievable shifts in their understanding, decisions, and daily actions toward the end vision. We work with companies of all sizes in providing the class options, tools, and benefits most relevant to them.

How This Benefits Your Organization

Our combined experience in mind-body-emotion-spirit health and well-being brings positive, long-term change to individuals in both the private and corporate sectors. We provide practical and effective methods and techniques for navigating stress, building resilience, and tapping into focused creativity to benefit the needs of a highly efficient organization. Energized Enterprise guides companies in prioritizing employee/client well-being and balance during changing workforce situations to create a unified and energized presence.

We look forward to partnering with you to create more Happy Healthy Humans in your organization.

Our Wellness Professionals

Founder & CEO


I’m a nutritional consultant, rehabilitation counselor, personal trainer, energy balance and enhancement facilitator, and abundance guide. My passion, inspiration, and vision have been to become a Happy Human and to create a world of Happy, Healthy Humans. Come on board with me!

wellness coach


With numerous credentials in fitness and group training, I focus on improving the physical and energetic well-being of as many people as possible. My passion has enabled many to reach and maintain their health and wellness desires and goals. Are you ready to join me?


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