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Message From Kathleen Johnson, Founder of Energized Enterprise

In March of 2020, our world reality drastically shifted. The hustle and bustle suddenly came to a “halt.” Regardless of the reason, our current condition is one we did not imagine or prepare for. But, this “halt” serves a purpose. It is a beautiful opportunity and reminder to slow down and create a new vision of the true essence of life. I find it no coincidence that this new vision opportunity occurred in 2020. It’s inviting us to change our lens and focus on the common good and core values. We must do this despite the differences in our culture, religion, financial status, abilities, age, gender, or politics. We’re all migrating our way back to connection, family, friends, health, kindness, and finding happiness in the simplest of things.

Your Company’s Vision

What is the vision for your company? Are you actualizing it? 

Work processes, places, practices, and policies comprise only four of five parts of a company’s complete and thriving culture. But what about your people? In recent years, workplace strategy has been more about cutting costs than supporting people. In making the adjustments necessary to maintain production, how are you boosting the output of your people to support your business? 

Now, more than ever before, companies must redefine their vision and goals and readjust their focus and processes. Thriving organizations are composed of highly functioning and engaged individuals. These individuals feel valued, inspired, and stimulated. They are fully supported to operate at their capacity. Successful companies know that the key to optimal function is rooted in the health and well-being of their employees and/or clients. As such, these companies lower costs of employee health insurance, worker’s compensation, disability, and turnover. Overall, this results in increased attendance and productivity. Have you provided the necessary elements for a thriving workplace?

Now is the time to ensure optimal physical, cognitive, and emotional-spiritual health and well-being for yourself, your employees, and your clients. Subsequently, you support a workplace that’s in optimal balance. Our vision is Creating Happy, Healthy Humans ~ One Organization at a Time. 

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Welcome To Energized Enterprise

Kathleen D. Johnson

Founder & CEO

Welcome To Energized Enterprise!